If I want to switch from a Windows Media Center to an IMac with the Elgato for live TV with a cable signal from Videotron... Will I have the same?

Media Center provides me the TV guide, easy recording set-up, 2 hrs memory available on hard disk to record or pause on live TV etc... I just want to make sure I have the same (or better) with this technology. I have also heard about "iLive" but don't find anything on the web about this. I relly want to swith to an IMac but the only concern I have is regarding the live TV...
Vincent Ry

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid

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    The EyeTV Hybrid is perfect for what VR is looking to do. Scheduling shows to record can be as simple as telling the software to record all shows. For example I could select NCIS and it would record all episodes of NCIS until I tell it to stop. Pausing and rewinding live TV is also very easy.

    There is only one issue I may see with this particular setup for VR. It appears that he/she is in Canada and I cannot find any information on TV Guide listings for that area. Setting up the software to record all episodes of a given show (say NCIS) requires an accurate TV guide listing for the given area and cable provider. You can still record at a given time. For my example I would tell my computer to record channel 9 on Tuesdays from 8:00-9:00 PM. This would get me the new episodes of NCIS.

  • Any channels you were using with Media Center will be available with the Elgato. The channels are determined by your cable carrier, not the type of computer you have.