If I want to buy the airport extreme and at home have the AT&T 2Wire modem/router, how do I set up Airport Extreme?

Do I need to get another modem?
if not, do I just plug cable from 2wire to AExtreme?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    I have done this, it's easy. Use the 2Wire as the modem for the Extreme. Disable the 2Wire's wireless feature and substitute the AirPort Extreme's 802.11n wired/wireless networking. Here's how:

    The 2Wire provides an 802.11g wireless network which you may have found occasionally cuts out. If you connect the AirPort Extreme without disabling the 2Wire's wireless feature, all you're doing is bridging the 802.11g wireless network, and your wireless network will still cut out, just not as often.

    To have your AirPort Extreme give you its full 802.11n wireless network and never cut out on you, first access any 2Wire unit's web browser settings by typing "gateway.2wire.net" into a web browser address bar. Find the Home Network section, then Status at a Glance where you should find a Wireless section that has a "Disable" button. Click it and instantly your wireless network will be shut down. Your internet access will still be maintained by the 2Wire modem, so don't worry that you're going to have to reconfigure everything, you're not going to.

    Install the software from the included AirPort CD to your computer that meets the above listed "System Requirements for Setup and Admininstration." Connect Ethernet cable from the 2Wire's Ethernet "modem" port to the AirPort Extreme's single Ethernet WAN port, connect all other cables to other devices (printers, hard drives) that will be connected to the network, then connect the Extreme's power cable last.

    Wait a couple minutes for the Extreme to power up and its status light to cycle from green to amber to flashing amber - at which point it's finally ready to be setup. Then open AirPort Utility which will discover the Extreme and after you select it on the left and click "Continue" on the right, you can proceed with setup following the onscreen instructions.

  • You can set up a separate network through Airport Utility which is also simple and you can choose which devices will use your AT&T Wifi and which will use your new network using the Apple Extreme. Having 2 networks may be useful for you. If 2 networks isn't needed and you'd like to use solely the network through Apple Extreme then disable the wifi on your AT&T router and follow the directions as provided in a previous post.

  • All you need to do is connect the Ethernet cable going to your computer into the Airport Extreme, and that's it. then you set it up on your computer or other wireless device, and you're done.