If I have a TC and an AppleTV can I free my laptop hard drive from movies?

The media I want ready access to I'll put on the AppleTV. Can I then move all movies/TV off my MacBook onto the TC and just move them to the MacBook when I want to update the AppleTV?
(I'm concerned that when the AppleTV doesn't see any of its movies in iTunes it will auto-delete them off the AppleTV.)

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    With a few extra steps, yes, and with only one file move required. I'm assuming you're using a first gen. ATV, because you're worried about files being deleted from it, and that's inconsistent with the later models' streaming-only setup. This process will cause a one-time full re-sync, as you'll be deleting and re-adding your files.You'll also need to re-select which media you want on your ATV.

    The key is to use the network storage function of the TC for your iTunes movies. You don't have to move your entire library, just (1) drag the movies out of iTunes to the new location (2) make sure everything copied (2) delete them from iTunes (3) in iTunes Preferences, Advanced tab, uncheck "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to Library" (you can change it back later) (4) click File. Add to Library, and navigate to the movies' new location to select them all. As long as your iTunes knows where the movies are, your Apple TV can find them. You can recheck the "Copy files to itunes media folder..." option at this point. Now, you can stream your movies to any connected ATV, or define media to sync with a gen. 1 device with internal storage. Obviously, going from empty to full will take your ATV fair bit of time, I'd run the sync while you sleep.

  • The Apple TV is not a digital storage device. Its only relationship with your MacBook is an electronic one. The Apple TV accesses your Macbook and electronically transfers what it finds there to your T.V screen. It does not have a hard drive itself, and therefore it can't store anything for you, nor can you attach an external hard drive directly to it.