if i don't have an ipod nano is there some sort of bracelet or wrist band that the sensor can transmit to?

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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    You ought to buy the Nike+ Sports Band instead of the Nike+ Sports Kit. The Nike Sports Band, I believe, comes with the sensor and the sensor transmits all the information to the wrist band. Its really useful because not only does it record your running information, you can look at your stats and such on the band while you're running. And what's REALLY convenient is that the part that has the digital interface on it is also a USB link (looks like a jump drive) and so when you're done running and want to upload your stats, you just pull out the link and stick it into the USB port on your computer and it uploads all the information on it automatically onto your Nike+ account.

  • Yes, if you visit the Nike site, and navigate to the Nike+ section, you will find a list of all the Nike+ enabled equipment. One of the products on that website is the Nike+ sport band.
    I would post the URL of the correct page, but when I do, for some reason I can't post this answer.

    Hope this helps!