if i buy new time capsule, can i stream videos from there to my apple tv?

I'm talking of the apple tv 2010 and the newest time capsule as of today 2011. I know I could stream my mac to the apple tv, but this mac is running out of space and was thinking of getting a 2 TB time capsule to resolve my dilemma of continuing buying digital movies.

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    No, this is not possible as of yet. You can place your iTunes song and movie library on time capsule and have it stream to your macbook or iPhone but it is not possible to stream with ATV2. An iTunes library requires iTunes to run and at the moment it can only be done through a computer, laptop, or iPhone.

  • You can put your moves and songs on the Time Capsule. Then on a computer running iTunes you can then import playlist by pointing to the Time Capsule files you want to stream. Setup Home Sharing between Apple TV and Mac/PC and your set. However, you must have the network up and running and iTunes must be running on the PC/Mac you have the library playlist on. Good luck.

  • The hard drive in Time Capsule can be used for backup and/or as a generic Mac volume on the network. Plus you can connect an additional hard drive to Time Capsule (over USB) for still more space.