If I am to connect Zik to the inflight multimedia in a flight, how should it be connected for best results?

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones by Starck

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    Before take-off, use the Parrot iPhone app for Zik settings:
    - Active Noise Cancellation on
    - Concert Hall effect to suit what you will listen to (I use "Jazz" & wide sound most)
    - Equalizer to suit material (I use "vocal" specifically for voice, otherwise Crystal)

    - use cable to the media device
    - powered on, for use of the settings above

    Since you're not using Bluetooth (you did turn off you phone's BT, right?) you will easily get trans-continental play from a full battery. For day-long travel without re-charge, invest in a second battery.