I'd also like to know if this product would be appropriate to learn to play piano on.

M-Audio Keystudio 49 USB MIDI Controller

M-Audio Keystudio 49 USB MIDI Controller

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes, with two caveats:

    1. It's a MIDI controller, not a piano, so you need to connect it to a computer in order for it to work (software such as GarageBand is required. GarageBand comes with a number of piano lessons, with even more lessons available in GarageBand '11 (part of the iLife '11 upgrade).

    2. The keys are not weighted like a "regular" piano or more expensive MIDI controllers and digital pianos. This is likely unimportant to a beginner. (I'm saying this as someone who is re-learning piano many years later on an unweighted MIDI keyboard).