iBank Compatibility - Version 10.4.11


I currently use a Mac OS X 10.4.11, and was wondering if iBank will work on my computer? I see that the iBank specifications are for a Mac 10.5 + , but was wondering whether it would work on my model? If not, is there a personal finance software program that you could recommend for a Mac 10.4.11?


iBank 4

iBank 4

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    iBank 4 (and even the version that preceded it) requires Mac OS X 10.5. The app's developer, IGG Software, still offers iBank 2 via their website. While it will run on your system, it is a much less capable and powerful program than the latest edition of iBank.

    One of the many reasons for updating your Mac OS is so that you can keep current with the best software on the market. You may not be ready to upgrade yet, but it's worth keeping in mind.