i would like to know how long a battery last i go on about once a day for 3 hours (just so i will know when to get a new one)

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

QA Rechargeable Battery MacBook (Aluminum)

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    I've been running my macbook for around 11 hours a day and its starting to slow down and i've had it for 10 months. If you go into system profiler (under utilities in the applications folder) and go under power on the right hand side if you scroll down to have a look at the thing below cycle count, it says condition (either good, normal or bad) the battery will last about 5 hours (ish) if it says normal, about 2/3 hours if it says normal and around 0-5 mins if it says bad. So your battery probably won't need changing for long after your 1 year warranty runs out!