I was wondering what is the sound quality like? I like listening to pod casts, dub step, classical

Harman Kardon Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Harman Kardon Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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    I have not tried pod cast yet, but listening to classical, R&B, Industrial Metal, Slow Rock and Heavy Metal was terrific. The tracks I listened to had punch and I am able to pick up all the various violins played from the group Bond.

    Vocals from Freddie Mercury ( The show must go on ) was rich and no distinctive cracking tones could be heard, while trying it out at maximum volume without the use of portable amplifiers.

  • Fabulous. Was in a store comparing them to the B&Ws and other similarly priced cans. I think these are better. They're not as loud as hardwired cans, but i think the sound is much fuller. I just returned my Parrot Ziks (which I thought were the best bluetooth headphones til now--amazing and tight bass) and some Beats Wireless (great bass, but not as tight and real as Ziks, but heavily processed) today after getting these. These just seem much clearer and tighter (the bass is a bit less than the ziks). The negative would be no noise canceling. But that's balanced out by lighter weight--both physically and monetarily (ziks were $400), better battery life and the ability to initiate Siri from the sets (ziks for some reason doesn't activate siri/voice control).

    the non micro usb proprietary charger is another negative though--I've got tons of microusb chargers lying around and would've loved to have those around as extra chargers for these cans