i want to use these speakers as my main stereo in my lounge / dinning room will they be loud enough for parties etc?

i dont need them to be neighbour wakingly loud but i do like loud music will these be able to cope?

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

Product No Longer Available

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  • They fill my office and I have to keep them down at night to not disturb the rest of the house but, I am not sure about a party. Clear and loud but the focus of these is sound quality. Simply amazing sound quality. Really

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    Yes, I sold there Car audio Speakers for about a year... From that I found that there were not many speakers out there that could compete with Focal setups. They cost so much because EVERYTHING they make is made in house, down to melting there own copper and creating more dense strands to wrap the voice coils. These guys are the "Rolls Royce" of creating speakers. Bose is more like Chevy! Hope this helps!