I want to use my xbox 360 will this work for that or will I have to buy something else?

Well i want to use the new 27" imac as a TV so I can play xbox on it will this let me do that because I see other videos where people buy like 150 dollar ones are these the ones I need or do I have to break bank to do it
Thank you

Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Audio + DVI

Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Audio + DVI

Product No Longer Available

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    The only option for that right now is the Kanex XD, which does retail for 150 dollars. Any other adapter is for connecting a Mini DisplayPort OUTPUT to a display.

  • No... Unless you have Apple Technician tools and knowledge, there is no way to convert your Macintosh screen into a monitor for input that I know of. Perhaps there are devices that allow you to do that but this is not one of them.This converter takes the signal your Mac creates and pushes it to another display such as another monitor or a projector through the MiniDisplay Port.