I want to record vocals on garageband but i'm wondering whether to use the internal mic on the apogee one or whether i should use my SM58? Any ideas?

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

Apogee ONE USB Music Interface and Microphone

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    as with any live or studio session your first reaction is to use the best and most easily available to you. The best choice sounds like going with your 58, but honestly just experiment! Thats what always gives a producer his edge is finding the methods that work for him the best. Some of your favorite records might have some weird technique never tried before so nows your turn to start trying different methods!

  • The internal microphone in the ONE is excellent . ONE features an internal reference condenser microphone that has been fine-tuned by professional recording engineers to create Apogee's Tuned Aperture Microphone™ technology.
    I would do some A/B testing , but I think you will be very impressed with the sound of the internal microphone over the SM58 , which is only a dynamic microphone .