I want to create a LAN that will include a Mac laptop and PCs (both running Windows 7). Will Extreme work for me?

Time to upgrade my 5-year old WiFi router. I'm looking for a router that will allow me to create a mixed environment home LAN using a Mac laptop (OX 10.5), two PCs, both running Windows 7 and a wireless HP printer. Will the new Extreme Base station provide me with all I need to create a wireless LAN? Any comments and suggestions woulld be most appreciated. Thanks...

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Airport Extreme is supported under both windows and os x. You can also share wireless printers such as the one that you have so there should be no problem at all. Keep in mind that Airport routers are configured through a program that you have to install (comes on a disk with the device) and there is no web configuration interface like on other routers. The configuration utility works on both Windows and OS X so you won't have a problem there as well. You can download the newest version from Apple's site if you want to upgrade it at a later date.