I want something very quiet as will locate in a bedroom. Does this unit run silently most of the time or does disc spin permanently and / or fan run

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    The unit is totally silent, bar when the disk spins up for access / backing up. Given the usual silence, the hard-disk crunching is quite noticeable in an otherwise silent environment. I have it on my living room under the telly. It's totally seemless, but I can spot when a Mac starts backing up from the crunching noise.
    If you keep your Mac(s) on all night, bear this in mind as the unit would spring to life for the hourly backups, unless you configure the TC to back up on a different schedule.
    AFAIK there are no fans, or not that I can hear anyway.

  • It's silent, except for when it's running hot. For instance, when you back up a computer for the first time. But for the most part it's silent.