i understand i can connect tc1 to bt home hub but that i must disable the hub wireless signal and 'bridge' . How is this done in VERY simple terms

I am not very tec so please give step by step instructions to insert a TC1 into my system which consists of an imac, PC, iphone , two mac books, a wireless printer currently connected to imac and a BT home hub. the PC has a wireless stick. I would like to move the Hub from the lounge to the study upstairs , doing this previously seemed to affect the signal downstairs at certain times(slow or disappeared), and keep the TC1 in the study upstairs once configured. I am hoping to get a strong signal everywhere and have the back up to time machine for everybody.

  • Asked by Cheryl S
  • Nov 24, 2009
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    I'd be tempted to do it the other way, turn off the wireless of the Home Hub and use the wireless in the Time Capsule. You can connect the printer to the Time Capsule and share it wirelessly.

    The only problem I see is that the HH and the TC will need to be connected via an Ethernet cable which means that they will need to be in the same room. The only way around this is to configure the TC to extend your wireless network, I don't know whether the HH can do this.

    To put the TC in bridge mode, open the Airport Utility and manually configure your TC. Click on the Internet tab at the top, select Connect using: Ethernet and then Connection Sharing: Off (Bridge Mode).

    Your TC will then use the addresses from the HH.

    • Answered by Alan L
    • Jan 15, 2011