I plan to buy an Imac but am not sure whether to buy a 1TB or 2TB hard drive with similar size Time Capsule. Its for family photos,doc etc. Ideas tks

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Hi, NH. It's wise of you to purchase an external backup disk along with your new computer. Based on my own, 30+ years of experience with home computers (all Macs) I generally recommend that a person buy the largest capacity storage (hard disk) they can afford. What seems like an immense amount of storage today (e.g. multi-Terabyte capacity) will very soon be seen as merely adequate, and goes for both your internal hard disk and your external hard disk. When you use the external hard disk for backup (via Time Capsule), it's helpful that it be capable of storing even more data than your internal disk, so that there's enough 'overhead' on the external disk for the backup software to function. For instance, if you have an internal capacity of 1TB, a backup disk of 1.5 to 2TB capacity would be quite efficient.

  • In addition to the great on-site backup that the Time Capsule provides, you should also have an off-site backup strategy for precious photos.

    An online service (Mozy, Carbonite, MobileMe) is best and performs backups automatically.

  • With the mac Time Capsule software the bigger the hard drive, the more 'history' you can back up. This allows you to 'go back in time' further so the bigger drive is almost always worth it. Also as some of the other responders mentioned - it's always best to get the biggest you can afford so it lasts longer and we all know the size of files are just getting bigger!

  • Thanks for your input. Appreciate it. So sounds like a 2Tb hard drive and 2TB Time Capsule back up is the go.

    Appreciate your comments