I own a 5th Gen Nano which has the built in digital FM tuner. Will the DC290 alarm clock play the iPod if it is set to the iPod's FM tuner?

This may seem redundant since the radio comes with an FM tuner, but I am trying to tune in a weak classical public station in the middle of NYC. My iPod Nano is the only device in the house that reliably and beautifully tunes the station in.
Most alarm clock radios come with tuners that can only pull in strong commercial stations, so I don't want to assume this model is up to the task.

The specs only mention that this unit will play songs from a loaded playlist but nothing about other options like the tuner, or streaming services like the NPR app the other person asked about, or Pandora on an iPhone... which is another service I love to use. Will it do that?

As for the Nano, it's a huge oversight on Apple's part that the built in Alarm Clock doesn't allow for setting the FM tuner or even a loaded playlist as a wake up option... only those limited, and annoying, built in sounds.

Philips DC290 Docking Clock Radio with Remote

Philips DC290 Docking Clock Radio with Remote

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