I need to connect my ipod touch to the car aux jack. Would the ipod shuffle usb cable work for this?

I have the current ipod touch and want to connect it to the car aux jack to listen to it on our trip to france.

Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

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3 Answers from the Community

  • It would not, unless your vehicle has a usb input as opposed to a regular headphone jack.

  • not sur with aux jack, my car has a usb port so i just plug my ipod shuffle into it using the usb cable

  • No i dont think it would work as the shuffle has possibly been set up differently, give it a try?

    I found that with my ipod touch, i purchased the radio tranmitter. This connects to the bottom port on the ipod touch, This then sends your music via the radio. You can choose for example, 88.8 as the freq then when you tune your car radio to this freq. Da darr. theres your tunes :)

    Hope this helps :)