I need it for video editing, but i need it as a single big HD not two...does it duplicate the data and as a consequence half the storage it provides?

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Im in need of a huge storage HD to do some hd video editing on apple prores...This hardrive looks like the best option but I need to be sure of something...although they are two hardrives, can they be used as one? Im not looking for duplicating data at all...I need that 2TB storage because apple proress by itself already takes a lot of space up, so the footage itself takes up to 1TB...So if this HD duplicates it thats it...I have no space left! So i want to make sure I can use it as one single HD...Then again, perhaps i should be looking to get the g-Drive instead? its only one hd based but im not sure if its as good for editing...any help truly appreciated :) thanks

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System

Product No Longer Available

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    This is the drive for you then. It's two drives configured in RAID0 for speed and will appear as one HDD to your mac.