I need an additional Hard Drive to move my stored movies from my Mac, which one suitable & will I be able to access them from Apple TV?

Mac & Apple TV Hard Drive

  • Asked by Andy G from Petersfield
  • Apr 12, 2010
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    There are two parts to this question. The first part of this answer is "none"; Apple TV will not recognise additional media attached to it through either the Ethernet or USB ports.

    However, because Apple TV is designed to operate just like any other iPod, it relies on having access to an iTunes library stored on your computer.

    Because your iTunes library resides on your computer system, this brings the second part of this answer into relevance; it is very much possible to attach an external hard disk drive to your computer and move your iTunes media to the new drive in order to take advantage of more space. And because Apple TV can either sync or stream media from your computer's iTunes library, your Apple TV will automatically gain from these advantages.

    The idea behind Apple TV's internal hard disk storage is to cache (temporarily store) the most-often or most-recently acquired media and have it available for instant access. However, if you have a large iTunes library and you want to expand it further, all you need to do is expand your Mac's storage capacity instead. Apple TV, whether by syncing or streaming, can access your entire iTunes library in any case.

    And don't forget to consider a backup strategy for your Mac whilst you're considering expanding your iTunes library!

    • Answered by Tony K from Theodore
    • May 21, 2010