I need a backpack for my iPad, notebooks, and school supplies, is this a good bag for that use?

Incase Compact Backpack

Incase Compact Backpack

Product No Longer Available

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    It depends on the notebooks size and how much school stuff you carry with you. I saw the Backpack in the Apple Store and tested it. Any 15 inch notebook (or smaller) fits plus iPad (there's an extra Interior slip pocket for iPad).
    I also thought about this Backpack for school but I'd say it is too small. I always have lots of books, files, headphones for the iPod and so on (on an average 3 books, 3-4 files, sometimes a SLR camera) with me. So I'd rather take the Incase Nylon Backpack for school. It has much more storage! Unfortunately it has not been updated yet (I mean with an extra Interior slip pocket for iPad).
    To come to an end you can use the bag for notebooks and iPad but I'd be careful with school supplies. It would be really annoying to change the bag always if you'd like to take some more with you. So I suggest take the Nylon Backpack, it's only 10$ more.

  • YES. I bring my 15inch macbook pro with my school books. Its perfect as when I go to my friends for revision, I can fit my macbook pro, ipad2 and school books in the main area!

  • I can fit all of the above except with notebooks, I limit it to one textbook and one clipboard since there's limited space with the compact nature of the backpack.