I like a fair amount of bass in my music (typically listen to electronica/dance/techno-as-it-were). Is this set-up going to provide good low-end?

Wondering if anyone can provide a testament that this sub-woofer suits low-end enthusiasts like me? Otherwise I am sold on the looks and quality of this set up.

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

Focal XS Satellite Speakers

Product No Longer Available

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    The Focal XS set up reproduces low end frequencies very well and maintains fidelity without any noticeable distorsion, ( including CDs brought in to iTunes, using iTunes MP3 sampling defaults). With base-orineted music, such as Techno or House, the sub-woofer comes to life and keeps up with large amounts of air displacement, again with no apparent distorsion. I have had my Focal XS on an iMac 24 for about two months now and I continue to be amazed by the overall sound quality

  • These speakers will suit your musical tastes down to the ground.