I keep losing signal, even when sitting close to my base station. I think there is electrical interference. How can I be sure and what can I do?

Airport base keeps losing signal. I suspect electrical interference. I live in a restoration home with lots of old wiring and pipes in the walls. additionally, there are several other neighbor networks within range--but their signals drop as well.
What can I do to be certain of electrical interference and what can I do to combat it.
BTW...I can take the computer and Airport base station elswhere and it works fine.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    If you open system profiler under the airport tab it will list all wifi networks in your area. Check what channels yours, and your neighbours are using. If you're all on channel 1 (for instance) you'll get a lot of interference. Change to 11 (aim to be +6 channels away from nearby networks). Is your AE high up? sometimes moving it to an elevated position will help a lot. Are there other sources of interference near the AE, like a microwave or cordless phone? In the AE utility you can set the wireless options to "interference Robustness" this should help you as well. The only way to test it is with trial and error.