I have used the extra space under the 'optional description' to ask my specific questions re: AccountEdge Please review. thankyou for your assistance

Hello, I have used the Australian version of MYOB in th past on a Windows platform. My understanding is that AccountEdge is a newer product from 'MYOB' for MAC. Am I correct?
I would like to utilize AccountEdge in an all MAC environment for a small 'non-for-profit' that publishes and distributes monthly magazines to a local community. Specifically, can AccountEdge cost and hand inventory? Is it adapted for the Canadian environment - Does it have functionality to keep track of and calculate Canadian GST and Quebec QST ? Can the Data files (including a GL) produced by AccountEdge produces be easily read or converted to be read by the Chartered Accountant auditors of this non-profit organization. Will they be able to import into their own accounting system for year end adjustment. Can import a chart of account into AccountEge form the previous accounting software Great Pleins? When you purchase AccountEdge do you get a license to run it on multiple macs?
Finally, do you have any alternative recommendations for MAC Accounting/Book-keeping software other than AccountEdge for a non-for-profit organization? thankyou. luke

  • Asked by Luke W from Montreal
  • Sep 16, 2011
AccountEdge 2012

AccountEdge 2012

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