I have no service available in my area. Would the Airport provide this service for me?

I work in Long Island and the only service that they have available is Optimum. I am not signed up for this service, so I would not be able to go online wirelessly. I also lose that service once I get into the wooded area my job is located. I would like to know if the Airport Extreme can provide me with the wireless service?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Yes, but perhaps not in the way you seem to think. The Airport Extreme is a wi-fi hotspot, not an ISP. If you have an ISP, the AE can provide a way to use it wirelessly, but to use it in the woods would require an external antenna, and even then it will not go very far.

    If you have a regular broadband ISP in Long Island, you can connect the AE and get wireless service. You can set it near a window and use it for 100' or so outside, but beyond that you will need special equipment that is beyond the scope of this device.