I have MacPro 3,1 Quad-Core 2008. Will ATI Radeon HD 5870 Upgrade Kit work?

  • Asked by Paul E from Victoria
  • Jan 27, 2012
ATI Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or Early 2009)

ATI Radeon HD 5870 Graphics Upgrade Kit for Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or Early 2009)

Product No Longer Available

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    Yes. I'm using one in a 2008 Mac Pro Quad core now.

    If you buy one, note the instructions are a little different as they are for a later model, but the principles are the same. The kit comes with two cables that both need to be plugged into the mother board. The sockets are located on the top left hand side. Removing hard drive 2 makes it easier to see them. You will also need to release your old card by pressing the black clip at the back of the card. You can see identical clips on any empty sockets you may have. You will also need to remove the second blanking plate at the back (it just slides out).

    The card produces a lot more heat than the ATI 2600XT I had before, so make sure the back is kept clear to let out the fan's exhaust air.

    Full HD video (1080p) runs really smoothly now.

    • Answered by John M
    • Mar 8, 2012
  • I just installed this card as well on my 3,1. I have two 30" cinema displays. At first I was frustrated because the second monitor (using mini display port with a regular DVI adapter) wouldn't go beyond 1280x960. I had to get the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter, and run the display's USB cable through that in order to get it to recognize. All is happy now.

    • Answered by Aaron B from Woonsocket
    • Apr 17, 2012