I have an IMAC that is used for music and as a Google machine, is this device what I need to hold all my music?

Western Digital My Book for Mac

Western Digital My Book for Mac

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    It's very likely, though it depends on the size of your music library. To find out the size of your music library: (1) start up iTunes, (2) look for the LIBRARY heading at the top left of the iTunes window, (3) click Music under that heading, (4) look at the bottom of your iTunes window. ...As an example, my iTunes window says "13119 items, 39.7 days, 298.16 GB": That means I have more than 13,000 songs, which is almost 40 days of continuous music, and which takes up almost 300 gigabytes. I would need a disk that holds 300 GB to hold it all. This 1TB model holds 1 terabyte, which is 1000 gigabytes; that's also 1,000,000 MB (megabytes). If your music library takes up less than 1000 GB, or is only several hundred MB, you can store it all on the WD 1TB drive.