i have an extreme and i want air tunes. what else has air tunes?

Short of buying an airport express for the sole purpose of air tunes, is there any other products that feature air tunes? ideally id love a wireless dongle that i can plug straight into a optical input on my receiver and use air tunes through.

I purchased an airport extreme assuming it included all the features of the express and the extra capabilities that come only with the extreme. silly me, as the extreme does not have air tunes and on top of the other features the extreme has I was looking forward to playing music wirelessly through my home audio from my macbook air.

Cheers Clint

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

Product No Longer Available

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    The only way to enable Airtunes through your home audio is to use either Airport Express or Apple TV.
    If you check out the new Airplay (successor to Airtunes) feature in the next version of iOS you will see that several AV manufacturers will be selling Airplay enabled devices but for existing kit it would appear that Airport Express or Apple TV is the only way to make them Airplay enabled.
    In this case I would go for the new and relatively cheap Apple TV as this will give you video streaming as well as audio, Airport Express is limited to audio.