I have an existing wifi modem router with 2x airport express for 2x audio sources and a printer attached/ should I get TC or airport extreme + a HD?

I am considering to upgrade a new hard drive 1 TB, I was looking at the difference between TC and airport extreme+HD. I have a wireless modem router already and i am not sure if i buy TC will I need to get rid of my current modem router? as supposed to airport extreme+hd attached to my existing modem router.

or would i be better of getting the Western digital network hard drive???

I need to be able to use the hard drive for both my pc desktop and my mac book pro with ease as well as my other devices... i.e media player, ps3 etc.... wihout the need of unplugging back and fort to the usb ports.

Please help!

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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