I have an ethernet port in my room at college, is the 1TB TC the right choice?

at the moment I'm using an ethernet cable to connect to the internet, everyone is talking about modems and ISP's etc etc. do i need anything in addition to the 1TB TC to be able get on the internet from my room

P.S. when i connect via cable i need to login when i open safari, is this a problem?


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QA Apple Time Capsule

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    It's the right choice if:

    * your college let's you set up a wireless zone in your own room, you can still shut off the wireless and still use time machine backup
    * you have a laptop and you want to use your computer in other parts of your room
    * if you want to share a guest wireless to your roomates and next door neighbours
    * if you need wireless when you go home

    and it won't change your login procedure. That won't be a problem. Your college is your ISP and you don't need a separate dsl/cable modem. That's probably why you have to login and provide college credentials. Correct?