I have ALS an use my iPad to talk for me . Is the is the speaker I need so others in a room could hear the iPad as it talks?

  • Asked by Beth T from Homerville
  • Jul 31, 2013
JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Micro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product No Longer Available

1 Answer from the Community

  • Hi. Yes. Any sound that you would normally hear out of the speaker on your ipad, you will hear from the JBL speaker. Example-watching you tube, you will hear sound. Playing games, you will hear sound. Play music, you hear sound. So if you are having trouble with the sound level coming from the ipad, then this would be great for you. The one thing i noticed though is that the volume didnt work from ipad once paired. You have to use the volume on the side of the JBL speaker. Which is good. Because you never have to worry about the volume on your ipad blowing the JBL if they where both cranked and playing ridiculess bass song. Hope that helps.

    • Answered by Jamie C from Ottawa
    • Jul 15, 2014