I have a wireless Thomson modem/router issued by Bigpond. Can I put this into bridge mode & make the 2TB TC my wireless router with no speed loss?

Have bigpond Thomson wireless modem/router and want to connect 2TB TC as router and back-up. Can I use ethernet to connect and will I lose any speed?

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    I have a Thomson DSL modem/router and it works just fine with my TC. They sit next to each other on a shelf next to the phone point and are connected with a 2' (60cm) Cat6 cable. This is theoretically capable of 1Gbps, 700-800Mbps can probably be expected over that kind of distance: my DSL runs at about 16Mbps down and 2Mbps up so there is minimal danger of the ethernet link over 40x faster than that being the cause of any slowdowns or bottlenecks.

    I have set the Thomson box up to not route between wired and wireless networks and have a wireless network on the Thomson that I give the password out to guests. My own wireless net is on the TC - clearly this should be on a different channel to avoid interference - and I don't give anyone the password for that, so I keep everything in my network separate from guests' devices that I don't necessarily trust.