I have a wireless home network and an usb printer. Can I use the TC to connect to the usb printer and use it as wireless printer?

I would like to make use of the TC as shared drive/backup storage, as well as to enable my usb printer as wireless printer.
I already have my home wireless network. Can TC be configured as the 'wireless receiver' of the usb printer, as well as the backup storage at the same time?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    It depends on the printer. If the printer shows up in Bonjour, yes, this works. Nearly all newer Canon, Epson and HP printers will work but some old ones will not. With old printers, it will depend on the availability of the correct drivers. If Apple does not support it in the OS, the manufacturer might have a driver that does.

    I have an old HP printer that would not work this way when connected to the Time Capsule via usb but it works great when connected via ethernet. I print from my Windows and Mac laptops wirelessly with no problem. This printer does not have wireless capabilities otherwise.