I have a New Imac in one room and a Power Mac G4 in an other room can export extreme give me internet access on my G4

I already have a wireless (Zyxel) modem wired to my Imac.
and wish to use my old Power Mac G4 in another room, is it compatible with my New Imac?

  • Asked by John M from Dublin
  • Nov 7, 2009
QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    If you have a wireless card in your Powermac it will work. However, if your wireless card is 802.11b/g (and it probably is) then that's as fast as your Airport Extreme will go, even with your snappy new iMac. If you can, hook your modem and router up to your old mac and go wireless on your new iMac. Your new one will zip along at 802.11n speed (probably faster than your old machine). Don't forget to hook your printer up to the router, out of sight, next to your old trusty PowerMac.

    • Answered by Michael M from Encinitas
    • Jul 8, 2010