I have a Mac desktop and laptop, can I use Logic on both or do I have to buy an additional licence? If so, what is the cost of an extra licence?

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QA Logic Studio

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    It should be the same as Logic 8. I have Logic Studio on my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro and have run Logic on both at the same time with no problem. The license does state that you are allowed to install it on two machines (a desktop and laptop, both of which you own) but are to run it only on one machine at a time.

  • I'm not sure exactly with reference to Logic 9 but if it's anything like Logic 8 you can install on both computers but you won't be able to open Logic on both at the same time (it uses something to do with your internet connection to know if you have the application open). Hopefully this is the same in Logic 9 and I should be able to let you know soon.

  • My Logic Studio 09 came with two license stickers so I put it on both my imac and laptop with no trouble. It's not limited like express in the licensing.

  • Thanks for all this help. I have two questions. First of all, if I just bought Logic Studio, can I install it on two different desktops (home and office)? And also, it says on this thread that the way they check is through the internet connection. So, if my roommate wanted to use it at home while I was at work, could we do it if one of us turned our airport off? Thanks!