I have a huge opportunity & I need the best solution to have whatever is showing on my iPad to show on a screen, including real time Internet!

What are the best options to project what's on my iPad to the public through a projector?

Optoma PKA31 Pico Palm-sized Projector

Optoma PKA31 Pico Palm-sized Projector

Product No Longer Available

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  • As far as projectors go, the Pico models are small and hand-held, while having limitations. The PKA31 works best in dark or low light areas (as do all projectors). Movies and images on your iPad screen are easily shared using the in-box Apple Connection Kit cable. Some App's, including YouTube and Slingbox do work, as they have permission to use Apple's API. Most App's are not supported due to their file code. The PKA31 is a road-warrior's tool with it's compact size and ability to be operated via battery.

    If presenting from your iPad and need to have brighter output, Apple's online store has a selection of lamp-based (bulb) models that can be attached to iPad's using DVI-to-VGA. Search under projectors at the store.