I have a Billions Wireless router on ADSL2+ in phone socket. Do I need this to enable networking eg. wireless printing?

I don't get if by having a wireless modem/router this means I have a network. Are they the same thing? I couldn't connect my wireless printer to my internet though I can use internet fine on my Macbook and iPhones. Does connecting an Airport Extreme or time capsule mean that the wireless aerial on my router is defunct?

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QA Apple Time Capsule

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    No, if you already have a wi-fi network and you have either wireless enabled printer or printer with a LAN port then you should be fine with the router you already have. But since you have this problem there might be a compatibility issue or you did something wrong during the setup. If I were you, I would try to run the printer setup again or check the printer's settings. If that won't work then you could try different router. To answer the 2nd question: Well, the wi-fi router you have has a built-in modem which is required to use internet access over the phone line, so if you replace your router with Time Capsule or Airport Extreme it won't work, you need to connect the Time Capsule to modem first. And the 3rd one: If you conmect Time Capsule or Airport Extreme or even Airport Express to the router you have, it will make your network stronger or you could have multiple networks, it's just your choice.