I have a 16gb 3g (i think) iTouch, and I don't know if the microphone will work or the remote.

I read that the remote doesnt work on iPhone 3G and I was wondering if it works on iTouch 3G. Also, how do you know what generation is your iTouch? If there are several ways to know your generation, please list as many as you can.

  • Asked by Boris G from Corona Del Mar
  • Feb 22, 2010
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Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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    Well, if your iPod Touch can play music out loud without the need of ear-phones, then it must be a 2nd Gen, or 3rd Gen. To tell wether its a 2nd or 3rd, all you got to do is either put the serial number in the apple help number and it will give you the information on the iPod, including the generation. Another way is to go to your iTunes and go to devices and click on your iPod. It'll tell you there the software version. And lastly, if there is an app that came with the iPod called "Voice Memos" then it is a third. Your microphone will only work if its a 2nd Generation or above.

    • Answered by Alejandra F from Pasadena
    • Feb 23, 2010