I dont like Nike shoes...is there a third party option (shoe) which I can use for the Nike sensor?

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

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    I'm not sure if there are other shoes that support the sensor but Nike sells a pouch which ties into the shoe laces of any shoe. The cost is around $10 and it is serves the same purpose as any Nike + shoes.

  • I purchased a pouch that attaches to the laces of any shoe so you can use it. I love toys like this to
    motivate me but unfortunately the sensor does not have any way of letting you know that it is
    at the end of it's life span so when you go on a run you realize that it's not working any more.
    This was very anoying on my recent 10k run!

  • Taken from reviews.cnet.com (Google "nike ipod sport kit", it's there on the 1st page)

    "... special Nike + shoes are not a requirement..."

  • you can actually cut away at the tounge of your shoe which can act as pouch because there is usually a layer of mesh and a layer below that. It should work in a similar way to the pouch that you can buy for 10 dollars.

  • I have been looking at the Nike+ for years and like you, have not been a good fit for the Nike Shoes. I just purchased the Adidas Supernova shoe, which was the best fit for me and just discovered that it has a place for the Nike + sensor. So there may be other brands of shoes that are getting on board. I am off to purchase the Sports Kit. I can't wait to finally try it.

  • You can buy little pouches that will hold the senser and attach to your shoelaces at most sport stores. I use these on my non Nike running shoes.

  • Amazon has a product from TuneBelt. It is a little pouch that you string thru your laces. Believe it is $5.

  • I've seen a pic of someone cutting a slit in the tongue of their trainer to insert it in there. Haven't tried it myself tho.

  • Addidas Trainers also contain a pouch for a nike sensor!

  • yes, there are shoes from other brands that have the shoe pouches. i have the "Adidas Marathon 10" shoes and it has its own pouch under the sole.

  • I just had mine tucked into my laces and the sensor came out and I could not find it....

  • I have a pair of Adidas Running Sneakers and if I take out the sole part it fits in! There is a little green foam copy of Nike Sensor, just pop it out and place the Nike Sensor in!