I didn't install my old Logic Pro 6 software on my new MacBook Pro. Do I have to install it first to do the "upgrade" to Logic Studio?

I'd like to purchase the "upgrade" from Logic Pro 6 to Logic Studio. I don't have my old Logic 6 software installed on my new MacBook Pro, do I have to install the old Logic Pro 6 version first before running the upgrade to Logic Studio? Or is the Logic Studio upgrade a complete install on its own?
Thank you

QA Logic Studio

QA Logic Studio

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2 Answers from the Community

  • I'm not sure about Logic 6 but I upgraded from Logic Pro 7 to Logic 9 with no problems.

  • It depends on which Logic Studio you would like to upgrade to. The latest version of Logic is 9, which is upgradeable from Logic Studio 8. As you can see there has been many different versions of Logic since Logic Pro 6.