I currently use an Airport Extreme, if I get one of these , how will this fit in to my network? Can I use the AE to extend the wireless network ?

iMac 24 patched direct to Airport Extreme, Aiport Express on 1st floor, used to extend network - how best to add a Time Capsule to this wireless setup. For example, could the TC be used as the primary wireless router with the AE used to extend the network (in addition to the Express!!)?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, using the Airport supported WDS technology you can extend your network. Think of the Time Capsule as an Airport Extreme with an internal hard drive. You have all of the same base capabilities, plus TimeMachine back-up and a Network Attached Storage device.

    In your current configuration, you could swap out your existing Airport Extreme for a new TimeCapsule and exploit the speed advantage of the direct ethernet connection, while gaining the daul-band support, greater speed and range, as well as the guest account feature your earlier Airport Extreme likely does not have. The greater range may actually improve the performance of your current Airport Express in its present position or permit you to move it further away and extend your network. You could also use your existing Airport Express to extend your network even further if you use all three devices.

  • depending on the age of the airport extreme, yes. go to applications, utilities, airport utility, click on the extreme on the left side, click manual setup on the bottom. then through the tabs, click on internet. theres a drop down menu that currently should say create wireless network. if you click that, see if extend wireless network exists. if it does, you can get the time capsule, set it up as your wireless network, then go through these same steps with your airport extreme base station to extend that network.

  • Yes, you will want to make the TC your primary and the AE your extended network. Otherwise, your TC will eat a lot of bandwith due to having to route through your AE.

  • Yes. Use the TC as the primary wireless router so you can use it's time machine capabilities. Then the Airport Express can be used as a wireless network extender throughout your house. I am not sure if the Airport Extreme can be used as another extender, but I imagine it would.

  • Yes.