I can see the top and bottom corners on the left hand side are protected, is the right hand side? Does the corner of the case expand a bit?

I have had a look at a couple of folio cases
most the them leave one side for the corners venerable for bangs and dings
while I know no case will protect it from a decent knock I do want to protect best I can

Sena Folio for iPad (1st generation)

Sena Folio for iPad (1st generation)

Product No Longer Available

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    Your iPad wlll be protected on all sides. In two weeks, I have not had any problems with any side of the iPad being exposed to damage. However, on the back of case, there is a buckle that secures the left side of the iPad. This buckle fastens at the back of the case and unfortunately, it might leave a dent in the back of your iPad. I noticed this morning when I removed the iPad to clean the front glass that there was a small indent right in the aluminum back right where the button snaps to the case.

  • I can't see how your iPad was damaged by that buckle Unless you put ALOT of pressure on it. I have had my case for three weeks and not even a mark on the back.

  • The right hand corners are exposed and not protected. The case will obstruct most things from contacting the corners but wouldn't protect them if it were dropped.