I bought the new Polar FT60 which has the Wearlink+ strap, and have the Nano 5G and Nike+ sport kit. I cannot get the Nano to recognize the Wearlink+

Polar FT60 from Amazon - Has Wearlink+ strap and coded transmitter, but could it be the old transmitter? When I search for the Heart Rate Monitor on the Nano 5G (with the Nike+ adapter), it does not recognize the wearlink. Do I need to order another new Wearlink+ transmitter?

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

Polar Wearlink®+ Heart Rate Transmitter for Nike+

Product No Longer Available

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    Just because you have a wearlink+ strap, it doesn't mean that it's compatible with the Nike+ system. The one that specifically works with the Nike+ system is uncoded and has the Nike+ logo on the strap transmitter. I couldn't use my strap that came with my polar watch as it was coded and the Nike+ system wouldn't recognize it. I had to purchase the separate strap that was compatible with the Nike system and now I can use it with both my watch and my sportband. Hope this helps :)