I bought Elgato Video Capture. My VCR has yellow and white outlets...no red. Will this be allright? I am transferring VHS tapes to video files.

Elgato Video Capture

Elgato Video Capture

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    The red input on the elgato is for the right hand stereo channel , if your video has just yellow and white output then these are the video output and one channel mono sound output , just connect these up and ignore the red and this will function properly.

  • Yes, that should be fine, but you should try and split the white into two AUX connectors and connect to both Red and White inputs as your mono source will only come through on one channel using Elgato as by default its Stereo and I have not seen an option to change this.

    If you only connect White to White you will have left speak output only.

    Yellow is always video channel.

    S-Video is far better quality if you have it. (by far better quality I mean slightly less fuzzy)

  • It doesn't matter what colour they are, just make sure that the audio out-put is connected to the audio in-put (for example: yellow lead goes from audio to audio) The same goes for the video (example: white lead goes from video out-put to the video in-put. If there is only one audio out-put then you will only be able to record in mono and not stereo.