I bought a MacBook in April 2010, is that considered 'mid 2010' or is that an older model that doesn't support audio via Mini DP to HDMI out?

Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Audio + DVI

Griffin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI with Audio + DVI

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    For an unequivocal answer to whether you can output audio through the mini DP:

    1. Click on the Apple Icon in the top left corner of the screen.
    2. Click "About this Mac."
    3. Click "More Info."
    4. Click on "Audio (Built In)."

    If you see "HDMI Output or HDMI/DisplayPort Output" then you will be able to pass audio through the MDP over HDMI.

    If not, you will have to use an additional audio cable (headphone 3.5 jack to RCA red and white stereo plugs) running between the headphone output of your Mac to the TV audio input associated with the HDMI port you use.

  • When you bought your MacBook doesn't tell us enough, other than allow us to approximate its production date. When was it manufactured? If it was made before April 2010 (most likely) it does not support audio out via HDMI, if it was made on or after April 2010 (not very likely) it does support audio out via HDMI.