I am traveling to Israel and plan to take my 15" macbook pro aluminum. Will I be able to use the adapter while I'm there?

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Product No Longer Available

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    The 1st answer is incorrect...... I bought this kit to be able to change the plug head on the 85W Mag Safe Power Adapter for my new MacBook Pro - 15". When I travel to any one of 25 countries I regularly visit throughout the world, it has worked just fine! The fact that there is a USB cable and power adapter for my iPhone in the box was an added bonus!

  • Yes

    Israel uses the twin pronged plug also widely used in Europe, just replace the plug that came with your computer with the twin pronged one.
    You can see a picture of the plug you want on the packaging in the pictutre

  • Yes. Israel uses a special 3-pint semi-round flat plug, but every socket in the country supports the European round 2-pin plug.

  • This is for ipods only.