I am thinking of purchasing a mac, we dont have wifi interenet only cable, can i connect this to the cable modem to allow me use wireless internet?

I want to use the TC as a backup system but also to connect to our wire modem to let me access the internet wirelessly in another room, will this work?

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    1st of all you should get an iMac & yes you can connect a TC to your Cable Modem to create your own home "Wi-Fi" Network & it will work flawlessly! I was in the same boat as you a year ago & I switched from PC w/ already having Cable Internet & I was surprised how easily it was to set up the iMac & Wireless connection & how fast it was at that! I'm downloading 35 mps & uploading 15 mps via my TC Wireless "Wi-Fi" Connection to my iMac. Hope that answers your question?

  • yes, it works just like an airport extreme. As a Wireless base station. You can connect your existing cable modem to the Time Capsule and create a wireless network.

  • If you purchase the TC you do not need another wireless modem. The TC serves as a wireless modem. I currently have one installed on my network. The LAN cord coming out of my cable modem is plugged into the TC and I have wireless throughout my home. Back up is a cinch; configure it and forget it.

  • Yes yo can

  • You can plug your mac directly into the modem with the ethernet chord. You will need a wireless router atached to the cable modem to get wireless internet. The time capsule would provide you with wireless connectivity also if it is plugged into the cable modem. You can switch to Verizon FIOS if it is available in your area, and they will provide you with a free wireless router plus the internet speed is a true, consistent speed, and is much faster also.

  • Yes - this is a great solution.