I am only getting good signal under 50 feet. I am reading here that it extends to 800 feet. What can I do to improve my signal in my home?

I have my comcast modem and a vpn router plugged in. I replaced my old router with Airport Extreme. It's wonderful; set itself up practically. However I have apple tv about 65 feet away and the signal is horrible. Also my iphone and ipad signals are either 1 or 2 bars, instead of the three 3. What can I do to improve the signal further into my home?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Placement of the airport is important. Higher is better as even furniture will cut the signal. Also, walls, doors, etc. will weaken the signal. Masonry walls such as brick, block, stone also cut down signal strength drastically. I would say the 800 feet is optimal without obstruction. We get a good signal within the house but are dealing with only 25 feet in any direction. Outside the brick walls I cannot get a signal any more than about 10 feet away.

    You should be able to extend the range by adding another Extreme or Express. Care should be taken that they are placed where they receive a strong signal but also can send an unobstructed signal to another area in the house.

    We are dealing currently with getting a strong signal to other points of a house we are moving to. Stone walls, block walls, brick walls are all to be contended with. I think we have determined that we will need to run category 6 cable from the router to other portions of the house where we can plug in additional wireless routers in order to extend our wireless network.