I am interested in this product, not so much for using it with iShred, but garage band. Will it work in that capacity as well?

I want to use Garage Band for learning to play guitar and think that this particular interface may be just what I'm looking for. Will it work on a Macbook Pro for use with Garage band?

Griffin GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Griffin GuitarConnect Cable for iPhone, iPod and iPad

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  • DM from Ottawa was not correct in describing the Headset pin order. The iPhone TRRS plug pins are : Left, Right, Ground, Mic

    The iPhone Headset will work as a mic input when connected to the headphone jack on recent MacBook Pro laptops (2009 +).

    This means that the input signal of the GuitarConnect Cable should be recognized by the MacBook Pro in the same way as by the iPhone. You will have to open the Sound preferences on the MacBook to select that input instead, which will be identified as an external microphone.

    I have not yet tested this device, so I cannot comment on the audio quality. There are several guitar interface kits out there and some are much better than others.

  • this cable is built specifically for use with iPhone or other mobile device where the audio signal input and output share the same connection. you'll notice your combination headset with earbuds and microphone has a 1/8 " connector with that has four regions separated by a coloured insulator. each region or zone of the connector conducts a different signal element. usually the tip is the left earphone, the lower 'ring' the right, the upper 'ring' carries the microphone signal and the large 'ring section closest to the 'handle', known as the sleeve is the common ground for all.

    the instrument input of this cable connects to the third ring of the 1/8" connector (instead of the mic). your laptop audio input would see this as the signal ground and would not pass signal through the soundcard.

    the output side of this cable (where you would plug your earbuds in) is of the standard tip/ring/sleeve variety and is compatible with all standard 'stereo' mini Jack connections. having said this, you could connect that output to your laptop input via a straight through TRS MINI JACK cable but you'd still have to use iPhone/ishred as the interface.